We made this first Beta version to let give you a glimpse of the game. We are so excited that we could´nt wait one more day for you to enjoy MW Football.

Since this is a preliminar version, we have limited certain features of the game to ensure our algoritm works perfectly. Don't be surprised if you realise that there are no outsides during the match for instance.


We´ll be glad to hear your comments and feedback about ways to improve the game or bugs to be corrected.

You can contact us through our social media or via email to support@mwfootball.com

Novembre 2019 is marked in red in our calendar. Save the date!


Prereserva en AppStore disponible!

You can already download the first Beta version of MW Football! It´s very simple:

First, download the TestFlight app in your iOS device by clicking here.


Once you installed TestFlight, click the "Download" button below and enjoy the first appetiser of MW.