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MANAGE&WIN Football is the first football simulator where the player's skill, and only this one, decides who wins or loses a match. 

 How are we so sure about that? Because we are the only ones who have developed our own algorithm with  0% (yes zero-zero) randomness

Are you better than your rival?... go ahead prove it!


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of the 'Cholo', the control of 'Pep', or the

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Don't worry, MANAGE&WIN offers you a whole repertoire of possibilities to print your DNA to the team you're competing with. More aggression, more 'Tiki-taka', counterpunches, catenaccio... no problem, whatever you want whenever you want. 

 With our 100% intuitive tactics panel (and spectacular, very spectacular) you can modify at any time the formation, defensive or offensive tactics to your liking, you will only have to wait for any interruption in the match so that the selected changes are automatically implemented.  Making tactical modifications has never been easier!


 And if we were to link the Liga Manager with the RPGs...

Come on, hit it!

Because we like football managers but also role-playing games, especially the part of the cards (PowerUps)  that you unlock, collect, and throw in the middle of a game to crush your opponent! 

 Well, nothing more than talking. We have designed more than 40 cards - they will increase in the future... - that give your team a series of 'super powers' for a limited time during the match (physical, tactical or skill improvements), or that subtract them from your opponent, because we know that to put the finger in the eye we all like it from time to time... 😉🤦. 

 Stop by our  Blog&News! section and you'll find many of the cards available!


Stop biting your nails now! We give you a little preview of how this whole card thing works

In each match you can carry a deck of 5 cards pre-selected  from the total unlocked cards you have, being able to use  each opponent a total of 3 cards during the match,their duration andeffectiveness it will depend on the category of the card (bronze, silver, gold or special category), as well as the type of training and tactics you are employing at all times...


For example, the  'Battering ram' card is very effective against closed defenses, but much more so if you put on the field 'tank-type' strikes, and you raise the intensity level of your players. 

 As we told you, stop by our  Blog&News! and discover all the recommendations, secrets and witchcraft that enclose  🧙🧹.