Our Story

In the fall of 2018,  MANAGE & WIN was founded by two tax advisors and a 'Head Hunter', video game lovers in their spare time, who wanted to create a new model that surpassed the traditional concept of 'gaming'. To do this, they linked their personal assets, also having some contributions from family and friends (yes the wonderful FFF, thank you from heart), and founded the company  MANAGE & WIN, with which they could share their vision to the gaming community around the world. 

The founders' vision was clear, democratizing the paid eSports competitions, with the sole purpose of allowing the entire gamer community, and not just that of professional gamers, to monetize their skill and talent playing video games. In order to achieve this, they teamed up with  AKAONI STUDIO, a Spanish video game developer, known for developing number one games in sales in Japan as 'Zombie Panic in Wonderland'. 


 With everyone's joint effort,  MANAGE & WIN is close to launching this fall its first beta of the game 'MANAGE & WIN FOOTBALL' for the iOS universe, which will become the first stone in the gamer universe of  MANAGE & WIN!.


Our Principles

And no, we will never give them up.


“It’s all about the player”

Our main and only obsession is for players to enjoy the game, to get that little smile of satisfaction in their mouths drawn while they are playing, and that and that is only our purpose. In this sense, you have our firm promise that all the decisions we make will have as a reference to improve the quality of your gaming experience. And we will accept all the criticisms you give us when we are wrong. yes, yes, that we are all human and we know that at some point we will screw up...


"Games for the years”

Those great titles of our youth like 'Street Fighter 2', PC Football, Commandos, etc., and not as old as THE WOW, Clash of Clans, ... many of which we continue to play regularly even if they have a few years behind them. 

  We want MANAGE & WIN  to become a benchmark of the 'League Manager', through which the years pass like good wines, improving the present. 

 Mobile games today have an incredible advantage over traditional games, they can be subject to updates without any restrictions for years, being able to surprise players constantly.

MANAGE & WIN is and will always be constantly evolving. That's our commitment, first the players, and for that we will constantly invest a lot of our resources. We're here to stay, only if you want to. 


"Skill before jam” 

Or what's the same, the ability before the filly.

Queremos que la habilidad de los jugadores determine sus victorias. Para ello desarrollamos nuestros juegos con un algoritmo con cero aleatoriedad (sí cero-cero, prometido). El éxito no estará basado en la suerte nunca más. Y al mismo tiempo las derrotas tendrán que aceptarse sin ninguna excusa... ¿aceptas el reto?.


And finally...

If you ever play our beta, we want to thank you from now on your time and confidence. If you like the game we would be happy how if you recommended it to your friends, family, followers or your neighbor (it is always ok to have something to talk about waiting for the elevator of your house), and if unfortunately you do not like anything , please recommend it to your enemies (all better), it will surely be quite a disgrace on your part!


"Bug Busters”

The first thing a game has to do is to work perfectly, without any programming flaws. We are aware of our human condition - we hope you too - and we know that at some point or another we will make failures in development. We apologize in advance, and promise that we will resolve them as soon as possible. However we like to believe that mistakes make us better than we were before, so to paraphrase an Edison "I haven't missed 999 times, I've just found 999 ways how not to create a light bulb."